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Flash Trek Broken Mirror Hacked Download


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Flash Trek Broken Mirror Hacked Download > http://bit.ly/2oJAeUf

Forum ATF Forum Archive Pre Hack Forum Request a Hack Archive FlashTrek Broken Mirror Completed version 1234 XM-8 (Jul 24, 2013) This hack rocks! The whole universe is MINE! *To razeveteran1: That may because your lack of engineering Exp, I advise you to go to Delphi and purchase education in the Vulcan University until you think it is enough :D razeveteran1 (Mar 05, 2012) Eventually for some reason when i build up stations in a system and i come back they are gone!!! what the hell is the reason for that???? sorbe21 (Feb 19, 2012) i try to capture an world and it wont let me CAMrocks (Dec 24, 2011) and how do type inthe cheats? CAMrocks (Dec 08, 2011) its prettygood but im completly confused on almost all of it isaiah91 (Nov 20, 2011) how do you make allies Dylan889 (Nov 09, 2011) How do u repair the ship after u capture it??? kolotho (Oct 26, 2011) ive captured 6 borg cubes with the romulan war hawk :) CAMrocks (Jul 08, 2011) still pretty confuesed Guest (May 11, 2011) the dreadnought is not strong just im use the dominion battleship,that sip is better then the dreadnought o-O Guest (May 08, 2011) Dude I ran into a borg cube and it destroyed my dreadnought class ship in one shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guest (May 01, 2011) where can I buy the dreadnought class Guest (Apr 15, 2011) I don't like star trek but this is pretty cool Guest (Apr 10, 2011) it wont load Guest (Apr 04, 2011) The Dreadnought Class rules (it can kill a Dyson Sfere) Guest (Mar 25, 2011) i know everhack in this game Guest (Mar 21, 2011) how do you get out of pirates haven if you destroy circle thing Guest (Feb 15, 2011) first go to warp until it says completly uninhabited then if you have 100 away team xp then beam to the planet Guest (Feb 14, 2011) how do i take a planet i got it to -150 strengh but i dont no what to do now some help ty Guest (Feb 13, 2011) they should have had a constitution class on it Guest (Feb 13, 2011) urmine captures the star system you're in Guest (Jan 29, 2011) whats the new cheats? Guest (Jan 28, 2011) how do you take over home worlds? badad345 (Dec 15, 2010) cheats: maxdur= lots of building stuff maxlat= lots of money im good= makes planet that u r at like u badad345 (Dec 15, 2010) something must be wrong with blenderXxBadBombsxX (more than a year ago) Reply +1 Only works for humans02-02-2011,06:56 PM #1 demonzman Member Join Date Apr 2010 Location United States of Anonymous Posts 38 FlashTrek Broken Mirror Completed version This is the new, improved, and better version of Flash trek Broken Mirror 2 IT IS NOT THE ONE EVERYONE KNOWS I FOUND THIS ON NEWGROUNDS AND IT IS THE UPDATED VERSION (LESS GLITCHES, MORE SHIPS, CAN BUY BORG CUBE IF YOU USE THE GAME EDITOR) URL IS HERE (sorry for caps some people get it wrong cuz broken mirror 2 is already on arcadeprehacks but this is the new and better version) These points are earned through combat or trade, or by conquering entire star systemsI used to be a moderator here

Flash Trek 3 Hacked Games aralf22 (8 months ago) Reply -1 Loads of resources doesnt work, its brokenTo complete a level, you must upgrade the allied starbaseIf you wantHAWK22 (more than a year ago) Reply -4 ummm, whenever I warp to a system I load in then warp away fml .Tyrant465786 (more than a year ago) Reply -2 Why dosent the hack work for other races besides humans?

One killThe story of Broken Mirror 2 takes place immediately after the events of Broken Mirror 1Die lastHumans became slaves to the Dominion, and a few surviving refugees fled to a small planet called Terra Nova, where they discover the mothballed fleet of their once-powerful empireTo conquer a planet, you need to destroy all the stations in orbit, then keep destroying ships in the system until the strength goes to 0Share Share this post on Digg Del.icio.us Technorati Twitter Stay lowFan audio dramas Fan films Fan film episodes Community Portal Policies Admins FAQ Featured content On the Wiki Wiki Activity Random page Videos Images Contribute Edit this Page Add a Video Add a Photo Add a Page Wiki Activity Watchlist Random page Recent changes Flashtrek 13,087pages on this wiki Add New Page Edit Classic editor History Talk0 Share Flashtrek is a fan-made video game series by Vex XiangHacked Arcade Games is fun for all ages

Echo7 (11 months ago) Reply +3 They added the Constellation and Constitution classesContents[show] FlashTrekEdit FlashTrek Gameplay The original Flashtrek is unique for being in some ways the most basic Flashtrek gameModified and Fan-Created VersionsEdit FlashWars - A Star Wars game created by Vex Xiang, built on the Romulan Wars engine FlashTrek: Dominion Wars - A game based on the Dominion War, created by thecommandoboss, built on the Romulan Wars engine Several half-completed modifications including Borg Invasion FlashTrek: AssaultEdit FlashTrek: Assault Gameplay Original VersionEdit According to Vex Xiang, he created FlashTrek: Assault over a single weekend:} I am happy that they added the classic stuffYou also have the option of playing as an independentBroken Mirror 2Edit FlashTrek: Broken Mirror 2 Flashtrek: Broken Mirror 2 is, not surprisingly, the sequel to Broken Mirror 1Once constructed, the ship does not actually decrease the deuranium stock e416df5c1e

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